Fludarabine Phosphate CAS NO 75607-67-9 Inquire about Fludarabine Phosphate

Tecoland supplies Fludarabine Phosphate bulk active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to the pharmaceutical industry. Our Fludarabine Phosphate is manufactured by cGMP compliant facility. Welcome to contact us for further details including current DMF status for the product and up to date regulatory status of the manufacturing facility. We look forward to assisting you with your research and development projects.
What is Fludarabine Phosphate?Fludarabine Phosphate

Fludarabine Phosphate (Fludara) is a nucleoside analogue and formulated as the monophosphate form of F-ara-AMP(fludarabine, IC50 < 3 ¦ÌM). To enhance solubility, Fludara is formulated as the monophosphate (F-ara-AMP, fudarabine), which is instantaneously and quantitatively dephosphorylated to the parent nucleoside upon intravenous infusion. Inside the cells rephosphorylation occurs which leads to fuoroadenine arabinoside triphosphate (F-ara-ATP), the major cytotoxic metabolite of F-ara-A. This metabolite inhibits several key processes necessary for the DNA replication, i.e. enzymes required in the DNA synthesis, such as ribonucleotide reductase, DNA primase, DNA polymerase, 3¡¯-5¡¯ exonuclease activity of DNA polymerase d and e and DNA ligase I. Fludarabine can also induce pro-inflammatory stimulation of monocytic cells, as evaluated by increased expression of ICAM-1 and IL-8 release. Fludarabine did not affect the growth of ovarian cancer cell lines, whereas it induced a marked and dose-dependent inhibition of proliferation in melanoma cell lines.


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